Thursday, June 25, 2015

What is LOVE?  

What is love?

Love is being a rookie as an exchange student from Japan in the United States when you are 17 years old. 

Love is moving to the United States by yourself when you become 18 years old.

Love is studying the language of English.

Love is reading, writing, and thinking in English every single day. 

Love is learning everything you can on and off the campus.

Love is your first one, getting BA degree.

Love is moving into New York City from California.

Love is not giving up your hope of residing in America while all your friends go back to Japan.

Love is deciding to work at a Japanese restaurant to get a green card.

Love is working with nothing but heart for 5 years as a slave.

Love is being resilient.

Love is silencing your critics.

Love is your second one, obtaining the green card.

Love is realizing when not to quit your day job.

Love is returning to what you love to do.

Love is waking up everyday to go to work before the sunrise.

Love is striving to be the best. 

Love is moving up to a prop man on the set from nobody.

Love is your third one, obtaining the U.S passport and becoming an American citizen.

Love is facing your fear instead of running away from it. 

Love is giving instead of getting.

Love is keep on going.

What is love?

Love is living as if it is your last.

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